In Circulation, 2012, HD video, 3:46

In Circulation is a dizzying portrait of Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood, a book widely acknowledged for its insights into technology's impact on cinema, attempting to broaden and liberate the medium from tradition, conventions, and standardization. Currently the book is out of print. However, the text has been made available by its author for free online. Eschewing profit for proliferation of ideas, this emblematic gesture extends the author’s philosophy beyond cinema into other realms of digital media and distribution prevalent today. In Circulation celebrates the remediation of Youngblood's text, combining digital scans and readers' descriptions of this out-of-print book to construct an alluring simulacrum.


In Circulation at DOCUMENT, Chicago IL ~ sep. 7 - oct 10, 2012

for this installation, the video was projected onto a rotating mirrored hexagon casuing the reflection to float across the gallery walls. this destabilizatoin of the video frame itself combined with the animation's movement mise en scène presents the spectator with an uncanny composite that is both hypnotic and dizzying.